“Time and tide wait for no one.”

Photo credit: Steve Casimiro

This has been quite a year for my family and me with the loss of my Dad and other mentors like Warren Miller and Brooks Dodge. This has me thinking about some of the things that I need to get off my ass and just do. Warren always said, “If you don’t do it this year you will be one year older when you do.” My dad had a similar saying, “Time and tide wait for no one.”

So here we go with the start of Shred Talks...

I love to ski. I never get bored by it, or feel like I have experienced all skiing has to offer. Skiing is the word I use, but riding a snowboard or telemarking are all in the same game. 

Photo Steve Casimiro   Mark Fawcett and John Egan

Photo Steve Casimiro 

Mark Fawcett and John Egan

Ahhhhh...but what game is it exactly? I believe it is a game we get to play with energy. Gravity is alive and well 24/7. Gravitational pull gives us free energy (speed). In most sports, the energy to play is generated by the player or players. The throwing, swinging of a club or racket, kicking or running are all good examples of this.

As skiers we also do not get braking devices or throttles or steering wheels. Unlike other sports we also do not get to see a puck, ball, goal post or opponent. We play with an invisible force - gravity - and it does only one thing to all things and beings - pulls down. It is downhill skiing after all and the secret is in the name.

Imagine you are part of an equation. No longer you, you become momentum and are traveling down the hill as fast as math says you would according to the gravitational pull on you and the surface/substance and pitch at which you are playing on or in. This momentum or speed is the thrill for many of us and the feeling that makes our sport so fun. Remember you did not have to run, jump, dance or swing to get this speed. What would it look like if football players did not have to run to get down the field? If swimmers did not have to kick and stroke to move through the water?

I challenge you to watch most skier/riders and notice how much body movement there is. My guess is the you might agree with the statement that most look pretty stiff and the body length does not change as it would if these folks where running, jumping or dancing. I like to know this speed and play with it. Running, jumping and dancing in our sport, takes away energy and that energy is speed. I believe that skis are the coolest sneakers I ever get to wear. And if I can run, jump and dance with skis on my feet while in the state of momentum, skiing will take place. Therefore, skiing is the result of mixing two energies. 

Momentum + mojo = skiing.

Just looking at the equation above, you can see the word momentum is bigger than the word mojo. If these are energies, we could imagine that momentum is pushing mojo down the hill. 

What if...momentum +MOJO= skiing? 

In this example the MOJO is bigger than the momentum and I believe would result in slower skiing. If these were number equations and skiing was the mathematical speed at which you would travel. I would say: 

Move fast = go slow.

Move slow = go fast.

We are all effected by gravitational pull when skiing and its equal for all. This is free energy. We need to move our bodies to dissipate or enhance this energy. We can move our bodies fast or slow. We walk and run with the same body but just move at different speeds or cadences to get the speed of that walk or run. 

Let’s take a break here and get out there and ski some. Use the ride up the chairlift to notice how cool it is that so many folks are enjoying gravity in their own individual ways. Much like we all walk or run differently we are all still walking and running, we will all ski our own little ways differently but the body must move to ski or we are just skidding down the hill with big pain in the asses stuck to our feet wishing our boots worked better.

Till next time. Feel the turn,


Barbara Friedsam